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Teacher Uses Chalkboard To Teach Word ICT In Ghana

Teacher Uses Chalkboard To Teach Word ICT In Ghana

A photo of a teacher who drew a blackboard with chalk on the screen of Word in his computer science class appeared on Facebook. He obviously.... ... in Ghana came to limelight after a post of him teaching students Information Communication Technology ICT by drawing the Microsoft word s.. Ghana's Windows blackboard teacher and his students have a rewarding outcome ... Word processing window on a blackboard with multi-colored chalk, to teach his students about computerswhich the school did not have. ... Akoto, 33, is the information and communication technology (ICT) teacher at.... Owura Kwadwo teaches ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in Kumasi, Ghana.. New Word order: Ghanaian teacher uses blackboard to explain ... on information and communication technology (ICT) -- but the school hasn't.... Ghanaian educator who taught MS Word on a chalkboard reflects on the year ... him as the dedicated educator who resorted to using a chalkboard in his ... his ability to teach Information and Communication Technology (ICT).. There has been global applause for a teacher in Ghana who posted ... on a blackboard with multi-colored chalk, the features of a Microsoft Word processing window. ... cannot progress to high school) with ICT being one of the subjects. ... in the official syllabus which require him to teach his students among...

A teacher who resorted to using a chalkboard in his computer studies class because his school in Ghana had no working PCs has been given a star treatment at an ... I wanted to teach them how to launch Microsoft Word.. Teaching of ICT in Ghana's school is very funny. ... to Microsoft Africa, writing, "Hey [Microsoft Africa], he's teaching MS Word on a blackboard.. Teacher relies on blackboard to help his students learn about Microsoft Word. ... teaching students how to use Microsoft Word, only he uses a blackboard with chalk drawings ... Teaching of ICT in Ghana's school is very funny.. This Ghanaian teacher has no equipment to teach ICT. ... Appiah Akoto took to his black board and sketched out Microsoft Word. ... Sadly, it is common in Ghana for ICT to be taught on a blackboard, ... Log in using your social. Teacher In Ghana Uses Chalkboard To Teach Microsoft Word, And The ... to his unusual and improvised .... Ghana man teaches MS Word on a chalkboard Ghana teacher Richard Appiah Akoto uses a chalkboard in his ICT lesson Credit: Facebook.. A teacher in Ghana drew the perfect copy of a blank Microsoft Word ... visual arts to good use and started teaching ICT by using a chalkboard.. Owura Kwadwo from Kumasi, Ghana, has to improvise when teaching ICT to kids ... When teaching Microsoft Word, he draws a complete screenshot on the chalkboard for his ... Mr. Kwadwo studied visual arts and he puts his skills to good use.... Richard Appiah Akoto is a Ghanaian educationist at Betenase M/A Junior High School who received attention for his innovative approach for teaching students Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ... Facebook sketching the features of Microsoft Word on a blackboard to teach students in his class went viral.... Owura Kwadwo Hottish, an impactful teacher in Ghana, achieved global ... Teacher in Rural Ghana Creatively Teaches 'MS Word' Entirely on a Chalkboard ... (ICT), and the lesson was about using a word processing program.. "Teaching of ICT [computer science] in Ghana's school is very funny," Mr Kwadwo wrote on Facebook. Kwadwo teaches Microsoft Word using a.... Teaching of ICT in Ghana's school is very funny. ... funny and in his photos a hand drawn Microsoft Word window visible on the blackboard.. Teaching kids how to use a computer is hard enough already, since ... of his magnum opus, a stunning rendition of a complete Microsoft Word...


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